Case Memory

This detective drama was made for Seattle’s 2012 48 Hour Film Project. The film follows a young cop and his crusty old partner as they discover the truth to an old unsolved murder case. The required elements for the festival were: a traffic cone, Regina Worthington the banker, and the line, "Holy crap, did that really just happen?" The exteriors were shot at Cowan Park in Seattle, and the interiors at Broadway Bound Children's Theater.

Cold Start

This short film was made in an afternoon for a college application. Good artistic ideas come from life experiences. The inspiration for Cold Start came on the way home from school when the fuel relay malfunctioned on a '92 Honda Accord. Paxton was forced to drive home with one foot continuously on the accelerator. This film took first place at the 2010 Washington State Thespian Conference, and was entered at the National Thespian Conference in Lincoln, Nebraska in June 2010.  

Director's Commentary for Thespian Festival